Vaccines should not have become politicized

Dear Editor:
 Having been a teacher (and parent) I can tell you that I care about kids and their health. Reading the recent article about vaccines and the decision of the Washington County Commissioners to sign a letter of support for the anti-vaccination viewpoint of Laura Demaray, I feel compelled to just point a
couple of things out. 
 Yes, as was pointed out by another letter to the editor about this, vaccines should have never become politicized. But they have
become so, which causes people to “take sides” without researching anything. My husband asked me if I had read the article (we were meeting later at Walgreens/BiMart to get a Covid shot). He was concerned. I said yes, and that I had then researched each of the “leading professionals” who were cited in this article. I read him what I had found. “Right,” he said “I’ll meet you later and we can go out to BiMart.” 
 I am not being political when I ask that when you read this article, you do the research. Look up information, especially on topics that have become highly politicized. And use good sources. 
 As the nurses at St. Luke’s once told me, don’t look up health information on Web MD or Wikipedia, look at the Mayo Clinic or John Hopkins. We have so much information out there, so use it well. 
Liz Mowrey
Weiser, Idaho


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