Paws and Pals 4-H club sets up a blessing box to help those in need

This last weekend was spent with family, including the grandsons, camping at Upper Payette Lake north of McCall.
 We canoed, fished, played chess, kid’s Monopoly, went for a hike, bicycled, and rough housed. I came back to work Monday to rest up.  
 For me, it is fun to find those teachable moments during the fun times, like camping, to pass on some new facts or bits of wisdom to help the kids learn and grow. Then later, to see them use what has been taught, for me, is really rewarding. Those moments help me realize how critically important time well spent with family and close relationships is. Those moments are how we improve the future.  
 If you happen to be going by City Park, you might notice a bright green cabinet on the corner by the Police Station. This cabinet is a “Blessing Box” placed there by the Paws and Pals 4-H Club for community use. Inside are donated items to be used by anyone who has a need and can use them.
 The intent is for people who have household items to donate such as food, cleaning supplies, pet supplies, etc., to place those items in the cupboard so that others who have a need can help themselves.
 I want to give a great big thank you to the Paws and Pals 4-H Club for selflessly donating their time and effort to make this wonderful new giving opportunity possible in Weiser. Good job.
 With the hot dry weather we are experiencing, I would like to repeat the information given a few weeks ago regarding open burning within the city. Open burning is allowed within the city limits under the following conditions:  
 1. Hours are limited from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
 2. Outside temperatures must be under 100 degrees.
 3. Must be in an open area 15 feet in diameter.
 4. Must have a charged water hose, shovel, or fire extinguisher present.
 5. Prior to burning, call the non-emergency dispatch number at 208-414-1483 to advise them of your intention to burn.
 Also, the fire department would like me to remind everyone that fires are not a spectator sport. In fact, spectators at fires can be a hazard for both themselves and firefighters. This includes the general public as well as well meaning people who feel they have business at the fires.
 Active fires are dangerous with limited space for firefighters to work, park, and maneuver their equipment.  Any additional vehicles or people can limit the necessary maneuverability even further. So please, do not satisfy your entertainment needs by going to a fire.  
 The Weiser Recreation Department Manager, Ken Anderson, wanted me to remind all of you young athletes out there about approaching deadlines for fall sports. So, with no further ado:
 1. The third through sixth grade tackle football sign-up deadline is Wednesday, July 28.
 2. The first through sixth grade fall soccer sign-up deadline is Wednesday Aug. 4.
 3. The seventh and eighth grade football camp sign-up ends Wednesday, Aug. 4.
 4. The third through sixth grade football camp sign-up ends Wednesday, Aug. 11.
 5. The second through eighth grade cheerleading camp sign-up ends Wednesday, Aug. 11.
 It is so great to have a full recreation schedule again.
 Well, that’s it for this week. Stay cool. Stay safe. And enjoy family!


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