Long hot spell has spiked more calls to the Weiser Police Department

This last weekend I re-joined family at Upper Payette Lake for a couple of nights camping. There was an interesting trail along the east side of the lake starting on the north side. The trail was fairly level and paved for wheelchair users. Although the trail wasn’t very long, the scenery was great and offered benches at some of the best spots.
 The number of COVID-19 cases are beginning to tick up again. This is not just a local, but also a national trend. I would encourage anyone who has not been vaccinated to do so. There has been enough experience with the various approved vaccines to know that they are safe and effective.
 Although there have been 73 breakthrough cases in the six counties comprising Southwest District Health, the CDC reports that only 3/1,000ths of 1 percent of the 159 million vaccinated experience hospitalization with breakthrough cases. So please, do yourself and your loved ones a favor by getting vaccinated.  
 With the long hot dry-spell we are experiencing, our police reports are showing a marked increase in short tempers. One of the areas this is showing up is in calls regarding loud music. Our Chief-of-Police Carl Smith would like to suggest being considerate of neighbors when it comes to the volume control on your favorite listening device. Please remember that your favorite type of music may be your neighbor’s least favorite.
 Also, if you are planning a get together where louder noises will be a part of the festivities, it might be a good idea to talk to your neighbors to let them know ahead of time when the party will take place and when it might end. A little warning may save a few frayed nerves.
 I’d also like to mention again the deadlines for our Recreation Department’s fall schedule.
 1. Third through sixth grade tackle football sign-up deadline is Wednesday, July 28.
 2. First through sixth grade fall soccer sign-up deadline is Wednesday, Aug. 4.
 3. Seventh and eighth grade football camp sign-up ends Wednesday, Aug. 4.
 4. Third through sixth grade football camp sign-up ends Wednesday, Aug. 11.
 5. Second through eighth grade cheerleading camp sign-up ends Wednesday, Aug. 11.
 If you are interested in any of these programs, you may sign up at the Recreation Department in City Hall. For questions you may call 208-414-0301.
 Well, that’s it for this week. Hope you stay cool out there!


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