Letter: Lyndon Haines will listen to residents of county

Because of changes we are
experiencing in Washington
County and decisions being
made, I am endorsing and
voting for Lyndon Haines for
Washington County Commissioner,
District 1.
I attended a few hearings
and commissioner meetings
and left feeling and knowing
that public input would
not even be considered by the
current commissioners.
It was apparent they base their decisions on their own agendas and not the facts that were presented by long-time residents who have supported Washington County with their tax dollars.
Washington County is experiencing growth and with the recent firing of the building inspector there is a hardship for the contractors and residents without a licensed building inspector.
There will now be a costly settlement that the county taxpayers will be paying as the firing was done in an open session. There are procedures that are to be followed in Idaho Code that were not.
The Idaho Association of Counties conducts training for all elected officials for conducting meetings, following Idaho Code, open meeting laws to prevent this unnecessary firing and lawsuit from happening.
Ignorance of the law is no excuse and the firing was wrong. The conduct and procedure of the board was wrong.
These are my concerns about the direction our county is going, and it is time for a change.
We need a government that is willing to listen to the citizens of the county and make decisions based on all facts received and not their agendas.
After meeting Lyndon and listening to him I was excited to help his campaign in any way I could. It is so great to have this young man wanting to serve in this capacity to serve all Washington County residents.
I strongly feel this is what we all need is to have someone who has such energy, proponent of open, honest and transparent government and desires to make Washington County an exceptional place to live and continue to become a place we can all be proud to call home.
He has proven that he is successful in public service as a pastor of the Weiser Christian Church, involved with the Weiser Area Rural Fire District and Weiser Recreation Department.
Please join me and vote for Lyndon Haines for Washington County Commissioner, District 1, in the upcoming Primary Election May 19, 2020.
Sharon Widner


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