Letter: Lisa Collini is our choice for county commissioner

We are voting for Lisa Collini
for county commissioner.
We believe that most of us
would hate to be judged on
one item that may have been
handled differently.
To be judged on that instead
of the whole body of
work that one has done seems
a little harsh.
To run for office because
one truly wants to serve compared
to running because you
are asked to is a big difference.
Attending all the meetings
that you are responsible for is
not only time consuming it is
to make sure we have a voice
at the table. Lisa has made
this a priority in her job as
Long after the promises of
doing everything that you say
you’re running on, you find
out that most things are set by
the state for you to follow.
I appreciate people wanting
to be an elected county official
but as with everything,
some background experience
is indeed a good thing to
I was told by many that the
first two years is like drinking
from a firehose (no pun
In fact, one commissioner
told me, not bad money for
one day a week. As always
our government is run by
those who vote. Make sure
we have someone who works
continually on your behalf.
Thanks to all of you who
serve the citizens unselfishly.
We are truly blessed to live
in a great country.
Tom and Margie Anderson


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