Letter: Haines shows a desire to work for county residents

 As concerned residents of Washington County, we are supporting Lyndon Haines for Washington County Commissioner.  
 We are impressed by his understanding of county government as he prepares for this campaign and election.  
He has gained much of this by talking with former commissioners and other leaders in our area.  
 He has studied the Idaho code as it applies to counties, as well as attending, and reading minutes of, several months of Washington County Commissioners’ meetings.
 Lyndon asks lots of questions and seeks out the answers as they pertain to our democratic form of government.  
 Not only does Lyndon believe in what is correct and true, but he also follows that as a guide for his actions. 
 He believes in open, fair, and just government of, by and for the people of Washington County. He is a listener who wants to hear from us.
 We encourage others to vote for Lyndon in the May 19th Primary on the Republican ballot. 
 Residents must be registered Republicans to vote for Lyndon. If you are a registered voter of another party, you may ask for a Republican ballot, changing your registration for the short term, if necessary.
Lyle and Jeri Kleppin


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