Letter: Effort to pass hospital bond questioned

The Idaho Statesman had
an article dated June 11 about
Amazon-owned PillPack
building a new 78,000-square
foot building in Meridian for
$7.1 million.
Our hospital officials and
trustees are planning on
spending $9 million with a
$6.5 million bond to build a
new emergency room?
They could bulldoze the
whole hospital and build new
for that kind of money.
Of course we have no real
idea of what they are building.
Why wasn’t the general
public given written detailed
I was told from a couple
different people about private
(secret in my mind) meetings
with known friends of the
hospital to encourage them
to talk to 20 of their friends
to encourage them to vote for
this addition.
When asked about the lack
of publicity, one person was
told it was being kept within
the known friends of the
hospital. The hospital trustees
didn’t want yard signs
because “radicals” might
take photos and post them on
social media shaming those
supporting the bond. Really!
The hospital officials and
trustees were working very
hard to keep the taxpayers
out of the loop with no information.
A group of people we
are supposed to trust to lead
our hospital were trying to get
this bond passed by sneaking
around behind the majority of
the taxpayers’ backs.
The taxpayers need to be
asking questions. Thankfully,
enough of us had a bad feeling
about all the secrecy and
didn’t pass this outrageous
The hospital officials and
trustees really let the taxpayers
of this county down and
need to be held accountable.
How can a few thousand
square foot building cost
more than a 78,000-square
foot commercial building?
Susan McCoy


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