Letter: Comments from hospital trustee prompt response

Letter: Comments from hospital trustee prompts response
Regarding Sherry Young’s
letter published in the June
24 issue of the Weiser Signal
Thank you for confirming
the only way for the majority
of the people to get any
information on the hospital
bond election was to contact
a hospital board trustee personally.
Why should the general
public have to search
out the information? People
who were considered
“friends of the hospital”
were asked to quietly
spread the information and
convince people to vote
for the bond election.
This back door effort is a
fact and started prior to COVID-
19, so the decision to not
publicize the bond election
was made prior to any pandemic.
No matter the timing, the
board of trustees had many
avenues, such as a mailing,
flyers within the newspaper,
etc., to distribute information
to the taxpayers; however,
they chose not to provide the
taxpayers with any information.
I can only guess that the
hospital board of trustees
didn’t want the general public/
taxpayers to know something,
maybe how much
their taxes were going to be
Or that only a few of us
pay for the hospital while the
whole county uses it? Why
else would they work behind
the scenes to try to pass this
I stand by my original
statement that the hospital
board of trustees let the public
down and in the end let the
hospital down too.
Susan McCoy


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