It’s high time to get the Senior Center paid off

 The Weiser Activity Center for Seniors is a valued part of our community, but currently has had a ball and chain around its neck for way too long. That ball and chain is a horrendous mortgage, which the center has been trying to keep up with for over 13 years – that’s 13 years! We have made no ground and it’s time to get it paid off. 
 The balance is still around $197,000 after all these years. The payment is around $1,800 per month. That is way too much money being paid out that the center could use for other needs, primarily feeding seniors in need.
 The Evelyn Stover Challenge is meant to challenge the community to generously step forward and help us get the mortgage paid off. Though the Challenge seeks to challenge the community to make $1,000 donations, ANY donation amount would be very greatly appreciated. You can donate $10, $50, or $100. The point is to chip away at a mortgage that is dragging the senior center down.
 I would highly recommend reading the last two articles that have appeared in the Weiser Signal American to get more details. You can find them in the Nov. 8 and 15 issues. The effort, so far, has seen great success and we are highly encouraged by several donations, including a $500 donation by AmeriTitle, at least four $1,000 donations, and a large $25,000 anonymous donation.
 All the money goes into a dedicated account at Zions Bank in Weiser and will be applied to the loan’s principal. In total, so far, we have received approximately $38,000 from both individuals and businesses. The Signal American will be giving a detailed update in an upcoming issue. PLEASE KEEP IT COMING! 
 If you are an individual, group, or business and would like to make a donation, please contact the senior center’s Board of Directors President Karin Hoffer at (208) 550-1452, email her at, or stop by the senior center at 115 E. Main St.
Steve Cooper


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