2022 Idaho Primary Election results

The 2022 primary elections were held Tuesday, May 17. By Tuesday morning, races had been decided, including a tight one between Margaret Bahns-Jensen and Lisa Collini for Weiser precinct committeeman. Jensen came out on top with 102 votes (50.50 percent) to Collini’s 100 votes (49.50 percent).
 Incumbent Nathan Marvin will remain a Washington County Commissioner, garnering 1,006 votes (42.14 percent). Opponents Sarah Odoms received 740 votes and Kelly Erickson received 641 votes. 
 Gordon Wilkerson captured the commissioner D-3 position with 1,420 votes to Deborah Warren’s 981.
Incumbent Abby Lee captured 3,243 votes (34.90 percent) to win the State Senator District 9 race, with Jordan Marques coming in as the second closest candidate, garnering 2,752 votes (29.34 percent).
 Jacyn Gallagher won a close race in the State Representative District 9, Position A race, receiving 4,642 votes (51.10 percent) to Ryan Kerby’s 4,442 votes (48.90 percent).
 In the State Representative District 9, Position B race, it was incumbent Judy Boyle narrowly winning with 4,636 votes (50.03 percent) to Scott Syme’s 4,630 votes (49.97 percent).
According to a representative for the Idaho Secretary of State’s office, Syme has requested a recount, which won’t take place for another couple weeks after the canvass of votes has taken place.
 The canvass of votes is the official tally of votes for any given election. The purpose is to account for every ballot cast and ensure that ever valid vote cast is included in the election totals.
 Scott Bedke, former District 27 Representative for House Seat A, won his bid for Lt. Gov., receiving 138,962 votes (51.62 percent), with Priscilla Giddings, the next closest opponent, capturing 114,628 votes (42.58 percent). Democrat Terri Pickens-Manweiler received 32,229 votes.
 After decades serving as Idaho’s Attorney General, Lawrence G. Wasden was unseated by opponent Raul R. Labrador who resoundingly captured the office with 140,159 votes (51.56). Wasden received 103,050 votes (37.91 percent), with Democratic candidate Steven Scanlin receiving 31,539 votes, and Republican Arthur “Art” Macomber receiving 28,640 votes (10.54 percent).
 Idaho Gov. Brad Little easily won his bid to lead Idaho for another four years, capturing 148,213 votes (52.76 percent), with the next closest candidate, Janice McGeachin, receiving 90,682 votes (32.28 percent), followed by newcomer Ed Humphries receiving 30,809 votes (10.97) percent.
Below are the unofficial results of local and state races. This is not a full list of results. Visit https://www.livevoterturnout.com/Idaho/LiveResults/1/en/Index_122.html for all results including all 35 Idaho legislative districts and judicial seats.
Local Results:
Commissioner D-2 Votes Percent
Nathan Marvin (R) 1,006        42.14
Sarah Odoms (R) 740          31.00
Kelly Erickson (R) 641          26.85
Commissioner D-3                               
Gordon Wilkerson (R) 1,420 59.14
Deborah Warren (R) 981    40.86
County Clerk
Donna Atwood (R) 2,102 100
County Treasurer
Sabrina Young (R) 2,159 100
County Assessor
Debbie Moxley-Potter (R) 2,118 100
County Coroner
Gary T. Jensen (R) 2,090 100
Pct. Committeeman (01) Eaton Hale
Eleonore I. Huggins (D) 11 100
Jacyn Gallagher (R)      219 100
Pct. Committeeman (02) West Weiser
John R. Barber (D)       17 100
Ron Robbins (R)      143 100
Pct. Committeeman (03) South Weiser
Eileen Winchester (R)     89 100
Pct. Committeeman 04 Weiser         
Kenet K. Haun (D)       14 100
Margaret Bahns-Jensen (R) 102        50.50
Lisa Collini  (R)                          100          49.50
Pct. Committeeman (05) Middle Weiser
Jack R. Wenderoth (D)       14 100
Emily Robinson (R)      132 100
Pct. Committeeman (06) East Weiser
Sherri Lesch (D)       15 100
Jay Border (R)      115 100
Pct. Committeeman (07) Midvale
Jay Langer (R)     230 100
Pct. Committeeman (08) Cambridge
Jon Jaeger (R) 204    54.55
Kevin Kirby (R) 170      45.45
Pct. Committeeman (09) Pioneer
Austen Thomasen (R)     123 100
Pct. Committeeman (10) Sunnyside
Wendy G. Martell (D)         3 100
Jonna Duvall-Williams (R) 207 100
Pct. Committeeman (11) Mineral
Debbie Moxley-Potter (R)      210 100



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